6 home remedies for mosquito bites

If you have ever had a mosquito bite you will know just how much the itch can drive you crazy. If you are heading away this summer keep these six natural remedies to that awful bite in mind.

Aloe Vera
Seriously, this plant has a multitude of health benefits. Simply apply the gel directly to the infected area and it will help with the healing process.

Press a cold teabag onto the bite to cool the area and stop the itch.

Just as you would do to get rid of a pimple, dab a little peppermint toothpaste over the area and it will relieve the itch.

Rub a little garlic onto the area and while it may sting slightly, it will give you some much needed relief.

Banana peel
Rub the inside of the banana peel over the area to relieve the itch.

Run hot water over a spoon and press into the infected area. Careful though, as it may burn a little.