6 healthy food swaps to see you through January

It’s not always easy to let go of those last remaining mince pies and actually get back to reality. Use these super simple food swaps to get yourself a little healthier without even realising!

1. For breakfast
Swap a fry for porridge

2. For dinner
Swap white pasta and rice for the brown varieties

3. For your sweet-tooth
Swap white refined sugar for maple syrup

4. For the cinema
Swap fizzy drinks for flavoured water

5. For your coffee/hot chocolate
Swap full-fat milk for a plant-based milk such as soy, almond or hazelnut

6. For quick snacks

  • Swap crisps for popcorn
  • Swap crackers for rice or oat cakes
  • Swap butter for nut butters or some mashed avocado