5 ways to revamp your home


We’ve all heard the expression, “looking good is feeling good,” and believe it or not, this also applies to your home.

Here are five cheap ways to make your home look good and ‘feel good.’

Have a theme
Pretty much everyone has an era they’re obsessed with, so just because you weren’t around in Victorian times, it doesn’t mean you can’t live in it now. Dress up a hallway or guest room with accessories that reflect your favorite decade.

Change picture frames
When artwork begins to look a bit rusty, you know it’s time for a change.  Modernise wall hangings by getting bigger frames in darker woods.

Give it some color
Adding a few plants and flowers is  a simple way to add some life to your home.

Roll out a carpet
This quick addition can easily change the mood of a room. Think wool rugs for winter and sisal for summer!

Group your collectibles
Filling up an empty shelf with your treasures is always a good idea. Not only is it a reminder of your achievements, but it’s much better than having them scattered around the place.