5 ways to make your home cosier


1. Warm colours
If your walls and furniture portray a warmth, you’ll notice an instant change. Oranges, reds, greens and browns are much cosier colours than whites or pastels.

2. Mixed fabrics
Mix your fabrics and patterns to add a sense of cosiness to your living room. Mismatched pillows and blankets will make the room instantly snug.

3. Plants, herbs and flowers
The addition of some nature into your home will not only purify the air but it is aesthetically pleasing.

4. Wood
The addition of wooden furniture, panels or floors to your home will make it feel warm. Think about the portrayal of cosiness you get when you think of the inside of a ski chalet. Bring that to your home!

5. Candles and scent
Candles give a home a dim, romantic light and calmness. Smell is also a very powerful way to give your home a cosy feeling, it’s as simple as putting some orange peel into a saucepan – click here to learn how!

6. Embrace your clutter
Cosy homes are ones that embrace book collections, duck figurine collections and all types of memorabilia. Cosy homes are not minimalist.