5 ways to drastically make your life easier


These small changes will make your life a lot easier – in fact, you’ll wonder how you ever did things differently.

  1. Save the little plastic clips that keep your bread packet closed to organise places where there are lots of cords running. Label the clips with the name of what the cord is for and clip them on. You’ll never accidentally plug out the computer again.
  2. Dropped your favourite earring somewhere around the house but no idea where? Put a piece of tights/pop sock over the base of the hoover securing with a hair bobbin and it will find whatever you need without sucking it up into oblivion.
  3. Are you always putting the wrong keys into the door? Paint your keys with different coloured nail varnish and you’ll never be standing outside in the cold for longer than necessary. You can even let your artistic side out!
  4. Is it getting painful and actually rather dangerous to light your favourite candle, which is almost gone and very hard to light? Instead of trying to stick the lighter/match inside the candle holder, light a long uncooked piece of spaghetti and use that instead to light the wick.
  5. Hate washing up? Having some pizza? Flatten your box and use it as a plate.