5 top tips on how to keep your towels soft & fluffy

There’s no better feeling than getting out of the bath or shower and wrapping up in a soft and fluffy towel. 

That luxurious feeling that we only seem to get the first time we use a new towel or when we stay in a hotel is simply unmatched but hard to maintain at home. 

No matter what cycle we use on our washing machine or how much fabric softener we wash our towels in, they never truly come out feeling like new again. 

If you miss that luxury hotel-feel of a soft and fluffy towel, you’re in the right place as we’ve discovered 5 simple hacks that will make your towels feel like new again. 

Check out our top tips below and enjoy!

Less is more

We often think that doubling up on detergent will help to make our towels extra clean and soft, but it does the complete opposite. While detergent does work to make towels cleaner and smell nice, they can also leave a residue on them. This residue can reduce the towel’s absorbency over time, making them dry out and feel brittle. 

Skip the fabric softener altogether

Fabric softener residue can be left on towels if they’re not spun properly or if you put too much in your machine. A way to prevent this is to avoid using conditioner at all and use baking soda as a natural fabric softener instead. The baking soda will remove smells and stains from towels while loosening the fibres. 

White vinegar  

Add half a cup to your machine when you’re giving your towels a wash. The white vinegar will help to break down any detergent residue and prevent your towels from feeling coarse and stiff.

Don’t overload your washing machine

Don’t put too many towels on together when you’re doing a wash. Overloading your machine can prevent them from getting cleaned thoroughly. This can then lead to a build-up of detergent and conditioner on the towels, taking away their softness. 


Before putting your towels in the tumble dryer, give them a shake first to separate their fibres. Don’t wash them on a temperature that is too high as it will make the towel dry out and if possible, only dry them a portion of the way and leave them to line-dry fully afterwards.