5 simple ways to store your shoes


A woman can never have enough shoes– you know it, I know it, everyone knows it. But, when it comes to storing them, not everyone will know exactly where to start.

Finding space in a cluttered room can pose a new challenge altogether. To start 2014 with a clean slate – and a clean room , here are a few ways you can keep your shoes safe and sound.

Hanging storage
With one of these hanging on the door, you will never forget about a pair of shoes you own (it can happen). This storage system makes your shoes accessible so you can easily grab your favorite pair on the way out.

Hanger system
The Carrie Bradshaw in you will have too many shoes to count, so if you really need more space you can use lengths of pretty wool and wire hangers to hang your shoes.

Clear storage bins
Keep your favorite pairs of shoes in clear storage bins. This will keep them away from dust.

Under the bed
For those pairs that aren’t very loved (there’s always one or two), hide them away in an organised shoe storage box that will fit under the bed.

Old household goods
Give some relevance to items you don’t use at home. You could use an old wooden rack as a shoe rack for ballet pumps and footwear that doesn’t weigh much.