5 simple ways to cutback on your alcohol intake

Having a few drinks is a massive part of our culture.

But sometimes drinking too much can have a bad effect on us, from hangovers to being general unhealthy for our bodies.

Here are some ways you can cut back on your alcohol intake without drawing lots of questions.

1. Eat a good dinner
Having a big dinner before you start drinking is key. It means you won’t be slurring your words after a glass of wine!

2. Plan
Settle on the number of drinks you will have when you are out and stick to it.

3. Hydrate
Dehydration causes hangovers. To avoid this drink water frequently throughout the night.

4. Go alcohol free
There is a massive range of alcohol free beers, mocktails and even wine out there. So you can still avoid alcohol without sacrificing taste. Perhaps you could make every second drink an alcohol free one.

5. Drink slowly
The slower you intake the drink, the longer it will last. This is healthier for your body and your purse!