5 reasons to ditch the face wipes


After a night out it's easy to grab a face wipe to take your make-up off before bed.

However, while every now and then it's ok to use cleansing wipes. Every. Single. Day. is not good, and here’s why:

Your face is not fully cleansed
Wipes don’t fully remove your make-up so you will end up going to bed with some foundation or mascara still on your face.

They’re drying
A lot of wipes contain alcohol which can be harsh on your skin and are particularly drying as they remove your skin’s natural oil.

Full of preservatives
If you have sensitive skin you should avoid using wipes too often as they can contain preservatives which will just irritate your face.

Under eye winkles
If you are using wipes to remove your eye make-up, you are putting yourself at risk of getting under eye wrinkles and damaging the delicate eye area. This is because they require you to rub your eyes quite vigorously to remove mascara.

Your moisturiser won’t work
As wipes won’t fully cleanse your face, anything you put on your skin – like moisturiser – after using them won’t be properly absorbed. This means they won’t be of benefit to your skin.