Five people you meet during Lent every year


So, you’ve made the decision, you’re going to kick the chocolate for Lent.

Whether it be for religious reasons, raising some money for charity or just a good reason to get healthy – you’re going to do it. You’re really, really going to do it….right?

Here are some people you are bound to meet during the hardest month of the year:

The ‘Ah go on it’s just one square’ One
Peer pressure can be so hard…especially where chocolate is concerned

The ‘but you’re not even religious’ One
Sigh. Can’t a girl use a good excuse to make some positive changes?!

The ‘it will do you the world of good – keep going’ One
Sounds nice, is in fact a deeply-rooted backhanded compliment

The 'oh, you've only given up chocolate, I've given up sugar completely' One
And she actually has, and succeeds…ugh. 

The 'wow – well done, I'm not sure I could do that' One
Sweet, well-meaning and complimentary. More like you please.