5 of the most mental moments from Louis Walsh’s Cadbury ad

Following on from John Giles and Eamon Dunphy's charming 'Free The Joy' ad for Cadbury's last year, former X Factor judge Louis Walsh has only gone and starred in his own version.

And it's totally off the wall. First up, who knew Louis danced like our dads?

Here are a few of the stranger moments from the ad, which debuted this morning…

1. Starting things off, we find out it's Day 5 of Louis Watch
Louis Watch? What are people watching, exactly?


2. So this is Louis' house? Who knew he lived in an art museum? 
Very minimalist.


3. Ah, whisk dancing, our favourite evening pastime
Work it, Lou.


4. Oh. Wow. Those are some fly moves…
"I call this The Spacehopper"


5. After getting a MYSTERIOUS phone call, he turns to the camera and says "I'm back!"
The clock reads 7.55pm… either we're about to see Louis on The X Factor tomorrow night, or he's found someone to go out whisk dancing with. WHICH IS IT?