5 moisturisers for dry skin you need to try!


We know how annoying it can be to finally hit upon a product that guarantees everything you’re looking for, only to see it carries the same price tag as a small car. We instantly feel cheated, don’t we? It promises the earth, moon and stars, but you need to take out a mortgage to get your hands on it? Eh, no thanks.

Given the change in weather, radiators and heaters have been going on in homes across the country and this, girls, plays havoc with our skin. So with that in mind, this week we’re looking at a mix of remedies for dry skin that won’t break the bank.

Coconut oil €1.99
This one is a real gem. Composed of fatty acids, coconut oil replenishes your skin and leaves you feeling soft and supple. Apply liberally when your skin is still warm from the shower as your skin will easily absorb the oil in that condition, go to bed, and wash off in the morning. Instant revitalisation.

Palmers Olive Butter Formula with Vitamin E €3.99
Sister to the tried-and-tested Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula, this moisturiser works really well on skin that needs a quick pick-me-up. Gently slough off any dead skin in the shower and apply this cream in circles, massaging thoroughly. Incorporate into your daily beauty routine and see the difference! You get some serious bang for your buck too!

FootLogix Cracked Heel Formula €27.00
Bit of a curve ball here, girls, but this cream has been proven to reduce the symptoms of Keratosis Pilaris, which presents as rough, bumpy skin generally on the upper arms and legs. While used predominantly on the feet, this product can work wonders on certain dry skin conditions.

Aveeno Daily Moisturising lotion €7.89
This moisturiser claims to improve the health of your dry skin in just 1 day. No mean feat, but hey it does work! We're not surprised it's often recommended by doctors and pharmacists alike.

Aqueous Cream BP €5.19
Ok, so this cream may lack the pretty packaging we like to see on our dressing tables, but don’t dismiss it 'cos of that! This is a fantastic buy for anyone plagued by dry, tight skin. Doubling as a face and body wash as well as a moisturiser, you really can’t go wrong by giving this a whirl. You may be surprised!