5 home improvement shows to inspire your home renovations

Now that summer is within touching distance, it's time to spruce up our homes for the new season ahead to create bright and cosy vibes. Whether you’re looking at redecorating a room or starting a whole new project in your home, it can be hard to imagine what your plans are going to come out like, and even harder to come up with design ideas in the first place. 

There are only so many times you can scroll through Instagram and Pinterest before it becomes boring and feels like a bigger job than it needs to be. To make your home improvement journey that bit easier, we’ve made a list of our favourite shows on Netflix that will help inspire you to create the home you’ve always wanted. 

Dream Home Makeover

On this show, the hosts Shea and Syd help families’ dreams come true by creating their dream homes. If you’re looking for inspiration for your entire house, this one is a good match for you. With two seasons already on Netflix and another on the way, this series is great to get your creative juices flowing and think big when it comes to designing a home.

Credit: Netflix Media Centre

Interior Design Masters

This is a competition where designers must battle it out to show who truly is the best at interior design. This eight part series proves how ordinary spaces can be transformed into beautiful rooms using innovative ideas. It’s a great way to see lots of fresh ideas from different designers and how they would transform a space to make it their own.

Credit: whatsnewonnetflix.com

Stay Here

While this show is more about renovating Airbnb homes, the hosts Gen and Peter do such a good job of making the most of small spaces and showing people how to really make the most of the space they have, we couldn’t keep it off our list. This eight part show is not one to miss.

Credit: Netflix Media Centre

Amazing Interiors 

This draw-dropping show will teach you to never judge a book by its cover. These homes look fairly normal from the outside, but once you take a look inside you will be amazed. These home-owners have turned their homes into works of art and it goes to show that you really can make your home your own and don’t need to stick to what is considered the norm when designing your dream home.

Credit: National Design Academy

Your Home, Made Perfect

Join Angela Scanlon as she helps people see what their homes will look like before they even go under construction – using virtual reality. This innovative idea allows home-owners to see the designs of multiple architects before a single thing is done to their house. This show looks at many types of homes from a 1930s five bedroom house to a six bedroom former B&B, so there is bound to be a home with a similar style to yours that can help you come up with new ideas that you hadn’t considered before. There are two binge-worthy seasons on Netflix to inspire you before you take the leap of redesigning your home.

Credit: whatsnewonnetflix.com