5 foods that will boost your energy levels

That afternoon slump can lead to binging on sugary and high fat foods which will lead to a sugar crash.

Instead of feeling drained and sluggish, choose these foods for a healthy energy boost that will see you through your day.

1. Bananas
These fruits contain potassium and natural sugars that will be released slowly and steadily, leaving you energised for longer.

2. Dark Chocolate
The darker the chocolate you choose, the less sugar it will have. Dark chocolate also has caffeine for a natural boost.

3. Almonds
These nuts have high levels of Vitamin E and protein so they make a very healthy snack.

4. Blueberries
Dark berries contain high antioxidant levels and blueberries in particular are said to improve cognitive function.

5. Yoghurt
Grab a yoghurt for a quick energy boost. Try to go for sugar-free choice.