5 classic summer scents you’ll love


Summer is almost here so if you've been thinking of packing away that heady, winter scent then we've got some very lovely perfumes for you to choose from. 

While perfume may not seem like such an important thing, remember there is nothing quite like the power of scent meaning that one of these perfumes could take you back to the summer of 2015 in sixty years time…so make it a good one!

1. Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne
If a sophisticated summer scent is for you, then you’ll love this. With citrus top notes and a delicate lilac base, this is the ultimate picnic-at-the-park perfume.

2. L’eau de Chloe by Chloe
The fresh, clean-cut and subtle scent of citrus and rose water will transport you to the beach – even if you haven’t quite finished your shift yet…

3. Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue
The cedar base notes in this make it a firm summer favourite. Fruity yet clean and light, this is a definite favourite.

4. ck one summer 2015 by Calvin Klein
If the scents of gin and tonic, cucumber and watermelon make you think of summer days, then this perfume will be a big hit.

5. Escada Turquoise Summer
Every year Escada release a summer perfume, and this year is no different! As other years, Escada’s summer scents are for those who love their perfumes sweet, with pineapple and strawberry taking over the top notes, mellowing down to a warm summery vanilla.