4 nail hacks that will save you from complete disaster


Painting your nails requires time and patience otherwise it just ends up all over your fingers. Lucky for you, we are going to share our top nail hacks for a perfect, long lasting polish.

If you are prone to a few polish mishaps, dab a little Vaseline around your nails to make cleaning up that bit easier.

Rub the bottle
Don’t shake your nail polish bottle. Instead, rub it between your hands before using it as this will avoid a build up of air bubbles.

Use layers of colour
Use a  white nail polish under your chosen top layer to really make the colour stand out or use two layers of the top coat – there’s no need to skimp on your polish.

Reinforce your tips
Use two layers of basecoat to make sure your polish doesn’t chip. paint the top half of your nail with the base colour and then cover the entire nail. The extra coat at the top will help prevent chips.

And remember, make sure you give your nails time to dry. A smudged nail will just be a waste of your time and efforts.