3 simple ways to improve your daily health

Since kicking off the new year, many of us have been wanting to work more on ourselves in different aspects of our lives. A main factor we’ve been trying to improve is our health. 

Improving your health can seem like an overwhelming thing to do, but the best way to go about it is to take it one step at a time. This way, you can make daily changes to boost your health. 

If you’re looking for inspiration on what you can do to improve your daily health that will last longer than just a few weeks, check out the list below of 3 changes you can make. These brilliant tips have been shared by nutritionist Rachel Graham, based on recent behaviour change research.

Start easy

It’s important to not try to do too much at once when you decide to turn over a new healthy leaf. Research shows that when you start with a long list of new healthy habits to complete, you are more likely to give up on some or all of these compared to people who only start with one or two changes! It’s easy to get bogged down when trying new healthy habits everyday but remember, the less you take on, the more likely you are to stick with these changes and eventually form a new healthy habit.

One of the world’s leading behavioural change scientists, B.J. Fogg, revealed he started flossing one tooth at a specific time every day. This task took very little time, effort or motivation. He was easily able to add this to his daily routine. He found that when he had finished flossing just one tooth, that he naturally wanted to do more. After a month, he was flossing all of his teeth daily and it became something he just did without thinking.

Something to bear in mind is to keep it short and sweet. Choosing daily changes that take less than five minutes is easier to keep up. The easier the task, the less motivation you require to do it. An example of this would be to add one of Linwoods Cold Milled Flaxseed pouches to your breakfast smoothie, yoghurt, cereal or porridge daily.

This is a great way to boost your general health, as just 2 tablespoons provide a great source of fibre, protein & omega 3. An additional key step is to place your Linwoods Cold Milled Flaxseed in a visible place so you can easily add it to your breakfast. This strategic placement acts as both a cue & a reminder.

Adding a healthy habit to an existing one

Remembering the B.J. Fogg example from earlier, it was consistency that helped him to make a daily activity into a healthy habit. When it comes to connecting a new healthy habit to something you’re already doing, you don’t have to find extra time in your day to fit it in, making you more likely to do it. Imagine your own activities from throughout the day, what could you add to any of these daily habits that could enhance your health outcomes? 

Simplify nutrition 

To improve your nutrition, make it easy for yourself. Linwoods make is very simple for you to optimise your nutrition daily, just by using their convenient blends of cold-milled flaxseed.

Simply add 20g or 2 Tablespoons to your breakfast of choice to hit your recommended daily amount (RDA) of key nutrients. This one small daily action can really make a positive difference to your health over time.

If you’re looking at improving your energy levels, try adding Linwoods Flaxseed Co-Enzyme Q10 blend into your morning routine. CoQ10 is an important player in the antioxidant family and is essential for energy production (ATP). There are also heart health benefits associated with it. As we age, our bodies produce less and less of it which means we need to supplement it with foods or fortified foods like Linwoods cold milled flaxseed with CoQ10, which also contains almonds, brazil nuts & walnuts. 

To maintain Vitamin D levels, try Linwoods Flaxseed with Bio Cultures & Vitamin D to help. This blend contains several key vitamins & minerals, including 100% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin D plus live cultures (Ganeden BC30). This is a live culture that can withstand the harsh acidic environment of the stomach, and improves its ability to support our immune system. Research shows that Vitamin D plays a significant role in the function of our immune system and our body’s ability to fight infection.

Top tip: A 20g serving of cold-milled Flaxseed, BioCultures & Vitamin D is a tasty and convenient way to get 100% of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin D plus 6g of fibre, 4g of omega 3 and 4g of protein.

It’s important to note that health is not something you become, but it is something you do daily. It’s the little daily actions you do which adds up to one big result in the end. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, pace yourself & emphasise consistency over perfection. Acknowledge and praise your efforts daily, that way you are more inclined to repeat the healthy habit.