25 ways to celebrate your B-Day that isn’t just a ‘night out’

Having a birthday to look forward to should spark feelings of excitement, contentment and over all joy. However, it can also bring an annoying sense of dread, just thinking about how you’re going to wrangle the crew together to ‘mark the occasion’ this year.

Oftentimes over the years, especially throughout our early 20’s, we’d simply celebrate the big day by rounding up the squad for a night out on the town. It’s simple, stress-free and mostly quite good fun. 

However, somewhere along the way, spending our birthdays in nightclubs surrounded by sweaty, drunk people all bopping along to the same, radio-hits, while downing shots of Baby Guinness, lost a little bit of its lustre.

If you’re looking for inspiration and trying to think of new creative ways to enjoy your big day this year, then check out our list below, which is filled with unique, adventurous and fun ideas on how to enjoy your birthday without ending up in Coppers.

  1. Organise a Paint and Prosecco class

  2. Spend the day at the beach

  3. Host a murder mystery party

  4. Go to an amusement park

  5. Go paintballing

  6. Bring the gang to Crazy Golf

  7. Go ice skating/roller skating

  8. Set up a projector in the back garden and host a movie marathon night

  9. Go camping

  10. Do karaoke 


  11. Have a wine and cheese tasting party

  12. Treat yourself to a spa day

  13. Go on an early morning hike as the sun rises

  14. Host a games night

  15. Host a pot luck dinner where everyone brings their favourite dish

  16. Go for afternoon tea

  17. Have a Hawaiian luau

  18. Go for bottomless brunch


  19. Throw a pool party

  20. Throw a 1920’s themed party

  21. Attempt an Escape Room

  22. Host a cookie decorating class

  23. Go wine tasting

  24. Go go-karting

  25. Host a slumber party – complete with makeovers, truth or dare and Freaky Friday playing on the TV.