24 things that Girls has taught us about adulthood

1. It’s Good To Have A Little Self Confidence From Time To Time

2) You Will Look Upon Your Friends Relationships With Envy At Some Point

3. Sometimes It’s OK To Let Others Know How Sh** It Is Inside Your Head

4. Whenever Your Parents Doubt You, Remind Them Of How Lucky They Truly Are

5. Sometimes The Question “Do I Look OK?” Needs An Honest Answer

6. Being Tired Is Not Always The Best Excuse For Not Going Out

7. Sexual Freedom is Where It's At

8. Celebrate Your Friends Successes With Much Enthusiasm

9. If You Love Something, Set It Free

10. Inventive Greetings Are The Key To Great Friendships

11. Self Hatred Far Outweighs The Hatred That Anyone Else Has For You

12. Your Friends Are Your Everything

13. Sugar Coating Is A Life Necessity

14. Admiration Should Be Loudly Voiced

15. With Such A Busy Life, You Must Sometimes Prioritise

16. Being Dramatic Is A Great Quality

17. Be A Social Butterfly At All Times

18. Sometimes, You Just Need To Set Yourself Free

19. STD’s Can Sometimes Be Treated With Humour

20. Creative Wording Makes Everything More Interesting

21. Being Cruelly Honest Is An Art Form

22. Having Deep, Dark Fears Is Part Of Life

23. Being A Grown Up Is Sometimes Unsettling

24. But At The End Of  The Day, Your Friends Are Your Everything

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