12 great ways to perfect procrastination


So you've decided you're giving up on that assignment. Just for now mind. You'll go back to it…obviously. In the meantime, here are some much more interesting things you can do instead:

1. Netflix
Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings, you wonderful people! Home to many brilliant, and sadly cancelled, shows. Watching Buffy stake vampires will surely motivate you to work to your full potential too. And if the first episode doesn’t work maybe a whole season will?

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2. YouTube
Discover a YouTube vlogger you like and then go back to their first videos and watch as they go from a nobody to an internet sensation! Again this will surely motivate you to at least get the idea to do something productive.

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3. Tumblr
An unlimited haven of endless gifs! You will end up here all night, which is perfect for procrastination, although not so much for productivity. Unless you are adding to your own Tumblog, proceed with caution.

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4. Check All Your Updates
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your emails. It’s important to stay up-to-date. No one wants to have FOMO(Fear Of Missing Out)!

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5. Organise Everything
Tidy room, tidy mind. You can’t work in a mess, right? And who says to stop at your room? There’s a reason your college store has so many different colours of highlighters; it’s to make your notes really pretty. And organising notes is kind of like studying them, right?

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6. Check In With Parents
Check in with your parents and ask them how they are. An hour phone call should be efficient enough to keep them off your back for a while. You’re always neglecting them, or at least you have in their minds…

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7. Laundry
They just don't smell as fresh as you'd like after yesterday's wash – one more won't hurt. Sure what else would you be doing?

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8. Contemplate The Meaning Of Life
Contemplate the meaning of life and whether or not is has anything to do with the number 47. Or better yet, head down to the college bar and discuss these thoughts with a fellow procrastinator over tumblers of neat whiskey because you are sophisticated intellectuals!

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9. Exercise
Horizontal running counts too. Or walking to and from the kitchen getting cups of tea.

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10. Bake/Cook something
Then Instagram your masterpiece/disaster in the kitchen! #eats #stunning #nofilter #overdone

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11. Nap
Sleep is life’s elixir. Its power should never be taken for granted. And if you went through the previous activities you probably deserve it, you little soldier you!

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12. SHEmazing!
Think of all the amazing style and beauty tips, recipes and goss you could be catching up on – perfect!

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