12 clear signs you’re seriously impatient AF in your everyday life

It goes without saying that we all have varying levels of patience. Some people's could rival a saint's whereas other's leave a lot to be desired.

And while impatient people are often criticised, it's important to remember that those same people don't exactly relish having the trait.

Like ingesting poison, the trait generally effects the person who has it more than it effects anyone else.

And here are just 12 examples of this which you'll know only too well if you're impatient AF in everyday life.

1. The Luas doors don't open even though you jabbed that button the minute it lit up.

"I f*cking pressed it. What does it want?"

2. The child dawdling in front of you on the pavement is not at ALL cute.

"Is he taking the p*ss?"

3. The sight of a lunchtime queue makes your stomach muscles clench and your teeth grind.

"Why do they all want what I want? Get some imagination and go somewhere else."

4. Watching a cashier change till roll is enough to make your head explode.

"Give it to me! I'll do it! I'll do it!"

5. Waiting for your iPhone to turn back on after it dies feels like an eternity

"It's my own fault. I let it die. I deserve this."

6. When your lift doesn't arrive despite the fact you've jabbed that button 13 times.


7. Waiting for the arrival of a perpetually late friend legitimately raises your blood pressure.

"She's just so f*cking rude."

8. Trying to watch something online that just keeps on buffering.

"I can't. I cannot put myself through this."

9.  Waiting behind someone at the ATM who acts like they've never encountered one before.

"They've been sent to test me."

10. When a recording on a phone tells you you're next in line, but you know they're lying.

"One more lie and I'm hanging up."

11. Queuing for brunch is your pet hate, and you can't help but stare menacingly at anyone who is already eating.

"Is she for real the way she's dawdling over that cold coffee?"

12. Waiting for your washing machine to finish its cycle so you can get back to living your life is enough to make you weep.

"How have they not come up with five-minute cycles yet?"