11 feelings we all had trying to snap up Whelans’ Ed Sheeran tickets


For those of us who applied for tickets to Ed Sheeran’s Storytellers gig in Whelans, Dublin this weekend, it’s been an emotional week.

Here are just some of the feelings we’ve had since the announcement and up until the moment we heard we were going/not going. Mostly not going. 

Total and utter shock
Upon hearing the news we couldn’t believe our ears: “Ed Sheeran. Intimate gig. Storytellers. DUBLIN.” There is a God! Take all of our money!

As we scrambled the internet for more information, ignoring both studies and work, we had our mums in our ears saying: “If you put this much effort into the Leaving Cert now you’d have been better off, wouldn’t you?” NOT NOW MA!

Staying near an electronic device with internet at all times for fear tickets would be announced and we'd be somewhere useless like the gym.

OMG there’s BRAND NEW INFORMATION! Open the link, open the link!

An application process? How refreshing.

Why can’t we register?! Damn you Applause Store!

All done now, registered and ready to go see Ed. We're totally in there.

Four days is TOO LONG. Doubt starts to creep in…what if we don’t get picked? It doesn’t bear thinking about.  

Refreshing our email thousands of times a day and checking the hashtags #EdSheeran #Whelans incessantly to see if other people have gotten emails.

Nobody seems to have…yet. Except for one person but they’re probably lying.

In there like swimwear! See you Saturday, Ed! 

Or, far more likely…

So, it’s 8am, you’ve given it sixteen hours. It’s time to accept that unfortunately this time around, we are not going to see Ed.

Just remember: