11 DEADLY cheesecake recipes just because we can never get enough

There is no doubt that cheesecakes are among the most delicious, indulgent desserts. 

What is great about them also is how easy they are to make, so why not bake one for your friends this weekend?

Whether you like simple, fruity or chocolatey, we have the best recipes of cheesecakes you NEED to try! 

1. Nutella cheesecake

2. Mango cheesecake

3. Bailey's cheesecake

4. Chocolate cheesecake

5. White chocolate cheesecake

6. Salted caramel cheesecake

7. No-bake strawberry cheesecake

8. Chocolate chip cookie cheesecake

9. Blueberry gin and tonic cheesecake

10. Kinder Bueno cheesecake

11. Raspberry with lemon cheesecake