11 Amazing Benefits of Filtered Water


11 Amazing Benefits of Filtered Water

On average our body needs 2 litres of water on daily basis. Moreover, drinking water can bless us with physical and even mental benefits to some extent. Some people ask, what are the benefits of drinking water for the skin? Some ask what the benefits of drinking water are in the morning. Well, there are many benefits of drinking purified water. If you drink tap water or bottled water, then there is a possibility that you will not get much of the benefits. So, ladies, let’s dive into the eleven amazing benefits of drinking filtered water.

Heavy Metals in Water
Mercury, lead and arsenic are some of the heavy metal substances. These are harmful to your body. We all have heard about mercury poisoning. Well, imagine what would happen if these metals were in your drinking water. It seems like these metals are frequently found in tap water. If you want to save yourself and your children from these harmful substances, then go for filtered water.

Chlorinated Water
Most of the water suppliers use chlorine to clean up water. Though it helps in removing dangerous bacteria and everything, it can also be harmful to human health. A study suggests that chlorinated water increases the risk of having cancer. So, save yourself and your loved ones by avoiding chlorinated water and drinking filtered water.

Environment Pollution says Hi
If you are using plastic water bottles as a source of drinkable water, then you are playing a role in environmental pollution. It does not matter whether or not you are recycling bottles or not. Plastic bottle production is a matter of environment pollution. So, be friendly towards the environment and drink filtered water.

Having Acid Reflux?
Ph level of water can play a role in acidity. Drinking water should have a Ph level of around 7. But the Ph level of tap waters varies from area to area. In some areas, the Ph levels of 8.8 have been found. Filters have the capability to reduce this Ph level. So, there goes down the chance of having water-related acidity.

Want Better Tea?
Tea flavor increases dramatically in filtered water. It might be because of the Ph level and heavy metals. You can verify this yourself by getting a cup of tea made from filtered water.

Tap Water might stink
There are many reasons on why a glass of water may stink. Whatever the reasons maybe it is near to impossible to drink odorous water. The possibility of having an odor in filtered water is pretty low. So, if you want to enjoy a glass of water without wanting to throw up, then filtered water is your thing.
This next benefit is my personal favorite as it most directly connected with our daily lives.

Money Saver
Yeah, you got the term right. Filtered water saves money. Nowadays people are more inclined towards bottled water. However, one bottle of water is not so much cost effective as we thought. A general belief is that it takes much to install a filtration system. But remember that it is a onetime expense. Bottled water can be around 30 times more expensive than the same amount of filtered water. Now, just think how much more you can do with all that money saved up from water expenses. So, another point goes to filtered water in this competition of filtered water vs bottled water.

High Hydration Level
Hydration means the process of causing something to absorb water. You might have a question in your mind. What does it have to do with filtered water? A 2010 study has proved that filtered water has a high level of hydration. Though it seems odd, it is true. Filtered water helps you to absorb water more quickly.

Anti-oxidants are very helpful and much needed for our human bodies. Filtered water helps you in this too. There is a scale called Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). Simply put, the lower something score in this scale the better it is. And guess what filters lower the ORP level of waters.

By now I guess you are convinced that filtered water is the best water available out there. But go through a few extra points if want to convince others about drinking filtered water.

Lime Scale Reduction
Have you ever noticed the hard layers that fall beneath the water while boiling? That is limescale. In some areas tap water contains a high amount of limescale. Sometimes even bottled waters contain high levels of limescale. Filters are here to save you again. Filtered waters tend to have a low level of limescale. So, another point for filtered water.

Skin Health Helper
Ladies, we know how precious our skins are. Sometimes water alone changes the whole condition of our skin. If you care about your skin even a bit, then you will reduce the amount of tap water application on your skin.

How to Make Filtered Water
There are many ways to filter water. The best way is to install a proper filtrations system. Also, if you want to get water filtered on the go, then you can get a filtered water bottle for travel. Whatever you get, try to get the best thing available out there. Go through proper product reviews.

Bottom Line
You have learned about a lot of benefits about filtered water. If you think that drinking tap water or bottled water is worth the risk of hampering the health of you and your loved ones, then go ahead. If you think that you must keep everyone around you, healthy, then go and install a filtration system. Thank you for reading and have a great day.