10 times Scott Disick was our favourite Kardashian

Scott Disick basically owns Keeping up with the Kardashians. Whenever Kourtney burns her quinoa or Kim loses her diamond in the ocean, he is a beacon of reason and inspiration. 

Here are Scott's best moments:

1. When he proved just how well he knows Kourtney

2. When he and Mason went sunbathing together and it was adorable

3. When he went to England and decided he was now Lord Disick

4. That time he got a cane and carried it everywhere

5. When he was as disgusted as we all were at Kris Humphries and Kim

6. That time he reminded Kim that she doesn’t really need free stuff

7. That time he got really defensive about wearing make-up…

8. When he showed his compassionate side

9. The way he handled Kourtney’s leaked pictures

10. And finally…when he pranked Kris and pretended to be Todd Kraines

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