10 reasons why shopping is one of our most stressful ‘leisure pursuits’


So many of us consider a day of shopping the ultimate treat… and then we do it. 

Why, oh why, do we always forget how stressful it can be?

Are we suffering from retail-induced amnesia or do we just refuse to admit that we find something which has been marketed to us as a traditional female pleasure completely unpleasurable at times?

Let’s all stand tall and admit that shopping is a MAJOR head-melt more often than not.

Here are 10 reasons why.

1) When the hangers don’t match the tags so finding your size on the rail is like an episode of Crystal Maze.

Question: Do the staff do it for their own personal entertainment?
Answer: Yes

2) When you’ve finally landed upon your dream dress and then discover a line of foundation along the collar.

Mmmm… another girl’s face. I’ll take it!


3) When the size 10 is too small and the size 12 is too big.

Why don’t sizes 9, 11, 13 and 15 exist? Why?

4) When a garment is absolutely perfect except for one detail which you can’t overlook.

Glitter epaulettes, anyone? *sigh*

5) When all ten items you’ve brought into the fitting room look so atrocious, you question your sanity and vision for having chosen them in the first place.

Get them off! Get them off!

6) When the mirrors are OUTSIDE the cubicle and you have to skulk out from behind the curtain to see yourself in ankle socks, hairy legs and a dress with glitter epaulettes.

It's fun being me.

7) When you’re dress shopping in winter and every fitting room expedition demands you strip off the 13 layers you dressed in.

This is a great way to spend a day. No, really.

8) Being told you’re only entitled to credit, so you take it as a personal challenge, but choose something you don’t even want, won’t even wear and aren’t even quite sure what it is.

Is it a cape? Is it a skirt? What are these tassels all about? I’d like one, please.

8) Being told it’s 3 for 2 on the rare occasion you couldn’t possibly need any more make-up or toiletries.

Argh, what’s this thing do? Nose-hair trimmer? Gimme and get me the hell out of here.

9) When a store decides you're three sizes larger than you actually are.

Thanks for that, guys.

10) Having no money and seeing all the things; having loads of money and seeing NONE of the things.

Why won’t you shut up and take my cash dammit!