10 pregnant women diagnosed with Covid-19 in Rotunda Hospital


Ten pregnant women have tested positive for Covid-19 at Dublin's Rotunda hospital. The Master of the Hospital, Professor Fergal Malone confirmed the news to Ireland AM.

He stressed that the cases were from community transmission and not from the hospital.

The ten expectant-mums that were tested are all said to be recovering well. Professor Malone stressed that pregnant women cannot pass the virus to their unborn child, "To date there has been no proven cases of transmission of Covid-19 directly from mother to baby during the pregnancy or during the delivery.  

"There are very clear guidelines and protocols on how to provide exemplary care for patients, irrespective of Covid-19 infection or not.

He told Ireland AM: "The cases we’re aware of, of young babies, newborns having Covid-19, likely were subsequent spread after the birth. To the best of our knowledge there is no transmission across the placenta to the baby and patients can and should be reassured about that.”

He added: "We just need to make sure that they [women] remain safe and healthy, that their babies remain safe and healthy and that staff remain safe and healthy and they minimise the risk of risk of transmission."