You’ll never guess the reason Justin Bieber is being sued a lot of $$$ for


It seems that Justin Beiber can never go too long without getting into trouble.

Between his many driving incidents to assaulting paparazzi, it's safe to say JB has been sued many times.

But now, Robert Earl Morgan is suing the popstar as he claims Justin smashed his phone.

The incident apparently took place in a nightclub in Texas last month, while Justin was on his Purpose World Tour.


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Robert claims that he filmed Justin downing a beer bong, and when Justin saw him filming, he was clearly unimpressed and angry.

That's when JB grabbed the man's phone and smashed it into pieces.

Mr Morgan is suing the singer for $100,000 (€87,000) because he lost some business contacts and precious memories which were stored on his phone.

The Beibs just can't catch a break yet, huh?