5 ways to tell you’re a crazy cat lady


Boyfriends aren’t easy to come across these days, sometimes we’re better off sticking to hanging out with our feline friends instead. They don’t argue so you’re always right no matter what, it’s the perfect relationship! Here are the signs that you are definitely a crazy cat lady.

1. You greet your cat when you come in the door
Oh hi mum and dad, I forgot you guys live here too…


2. Even though you really need the bathroom, you can’t move because the cat is comfy and you're attached
Your bladder is just going to have to wait until the cat has moved by himself. How could you even considering disturbing him? He's your one and only. 


3. You talk to your cat as if he’s a baby  
Cat baby language is even more irritating than normal baby language.


4. You force him to love you (can't do that with men just saying)
He tries to run away from you, the only option left is to cuddle him and never let him go just to really prove to him your love is strong and you need each other. STRUGGLE SNUGGLE. 


5. Getting out the cat food is like feeding time at the zoo
You always need more than one cat just incase one of them hates you and you end up needing a cat rebound. Don't say I didn't warn you.