OMG! You have got to see these Harry Potter MAKE-UP palettes

Listen up muggles!

The Internet has been going MAD for the best eye shadow palette teaser since Kylie Jenner's 'Kyshadow'.

What makes these palettes special I hear you ask? WELL, they're Harry Potter themed! 

A Reddit user mocked up the most stunning Harry Potter makeup palettes this week, and while they are not real, we cannot help but dream! 

The faux palettes come in all four of the houses in Hogwarts,  with the respective house crests on the packaging. 

Each of these gorgeous little inventions contains six shades that represent the house's colours (think greenish hues for Slytherin!).

The make-up brushes that accompany these palettes are designed to look like quills, and we cannot even begin to cope!

Thousands of Harry Potter fans have commented on the images, begging the poster to create the real palettes.

If you ask us, it won't be long until these beauties become a reality!  

We literally NEED THESE!