This Irish brand is selling giant eco-bubbles for your dogs


The only good thing about lockdown is spending more time with our pets. Our furry friends are feeling more loved than ever and we've never been so grateful for them.

Taking our dogs on a walk is genuinely one of the best parts of the day and it just got a little more interesting! Your stroll in the park or afternoon in the garden will be that little bit more fun with the help of and their new eco doggie bubbles.

That's right, bubbles for your dogs. is Ireland's biggest eco-specialist distributor of kids' art supplies, crafts, and toys and they have now launched bubbles for your dog.

You can now have even more fun with your four-legged pals in lockdown. These bubbles are peanut butter scented, vegan, palm-oil free, and contain no nuts! These are fine for everyone even with allergies! Just like all Jiminy's other bubbles, these are non-toxic and fully biodegradable.

They cost €33.99 and are available here.

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