X Factor star blasted on Twitter for asking “ignorant” question


If you’re looking for some action, we suggest heading over to Twitter where it’s all just kicked off for poor Stephanie Nala!

The X Factor contestant, who was eliminated from the show on Sunday, decided that rather than Google a burning question she had, she would ask her loyal followers.

The (now deleted) question? “What is Ebola?”

Of course, many of us will say that we had no idea what the deadly disease was either up until last month or so, but social media users have blasted the singer as “ignorant”.

Stephanie later claimed that she had not watched TV for five weeks resulting in her lack of awareness about the deadly disease. 

One user said: “There’s been an Ebola outbreak since march and @StephanieNala is asking what Ebola is this morning. The ignorance is disgusting.”

However, many people also stuck up for the 20-year-old, saying that her question was harmless:

Let's face it – we all have weird/silly questions we need to ask from time to time but that's what Google is for! All of the answers and none of the ridicule!