Working from your bed can be really good for your mental health

The last two years has been a bit weird for all of us. We’ve swapped out the tortuous morning commutes with functional work from home office spaces, we’ve hopped on Zoom calls and invested in an excessive amount of comfy loungewear.

Yes, it’s true, many of us started off with the best intentions, sitting down at a desk each morning to start the work day the right way. However, we also can’t deny that it’s been a slippery slope which has ended up with many of us crawling under the covers and resorting to working from the comfort of our beds, otherwise known as ‘The Soft Office’.

And yes, we know what you’re thinking — isn’t that terrible for your mental health? How are you supposed to switch off in the evenings if you have no separation between your work space and your relaxing space?

Well, it turns out that working from your bed isn’t actually such a bad thing, and might even be good for your mental health!

According to Counsellor, Kerry Quigley, who is accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, “Working from the comfort of your bed can feel like a safe calming space, particularly when anxiety is an issue.”

“It can eliminate stressors such as commuting, distractions and workplace politics. The removal of these stressors and the autonomy to structure your day, enables better time management, increasing productivity and improving job satisfaction.”

However, she also advises those who work from their bed to “incorporate exercise, regular breaks, and social interaction,” when possible.

The key is all about balance. So the next time you’re tearing yourself up over the fact that your desk is gathering dust, think about your mental health.