Why you shouldn’t sleep with make-up on


Leaving your make-up on for too long doesn’t end well, especially if you fall into the habit of keeping it on while you sleep.

Of course we’re all guilty of sleeping with make-up on every now and again. But, it’s important that it doesn’t become a routine and here’s why.

The pores that cover our skin are a passage way for sweat and sebum to make its way to the top of your skin.

Sebum, which is a waxy liquid that helps keep the skin moisturised also helps get rid of dead skin cells and other dirt that shouldn’t be on your skin.

Wearing make-up for too long will clog your pores and stop the sebum from doing its job. Instead, the sebum will build up in your skin and cause acne – every girl’s nightmare.

So if you don’t fancy waking up to unwanted pimples, it’s always a good idea to wash your face before bedtime.

Don’t forget the eyes, ladies, (unless of course you want to wake up with an eye infection).