Why modern life is difficult for socially awkward people


Being socially awkward isn’t easy, especially in this modern, outgoing world we’re living in today. And here are the reasons why:

Everyone loves hugging each other
Since when did this become a thing? It’s impossible to make a quiet exit from a party anymore because the host is standing at the door with her arms wide open, waiting for a big bear hug. Personal space is at an all time low in modern Ireland – bring back the days where a quick nod across a crowded room would suffice!

"Let's Skype!" – no, let's not. It's so awkward. We don’t know where to look. And it's more effort because you have to actually appear interested aswell as making all the usual 'I'm listening' sounds. And you can't even hear them properly! Can we not just use our phones, like the good old days? We don’t mind the long distance charges, seriously, it’s worth it.

'Free hugs'
As we've mentioned, hugging people you know is bad enough. When some stranger comes towards you in the street with their arms outstretched, a big goofy smile on their face and a t-shirt emblazoned with 'FREE HUGS!', it's the stuff nightmares are made of. When did this kind of behaviour become ok? Damn those happy, free lovin’ hipsters!

Job Interviews
These days, it’s not enough to prove that you can do the job you’ve applied for. You also have to have some kind of elaborate presentation planned, with some hilarious jokes thrown in to show how outgoing and friendly you are. This is a nightmare scenario for any socially awkward person.

The voice recorder on Whatsapp
When someone sends you a voice message on Whatsapp, is it ok to just send a text reply? Or is that ruining all the craic? There’s a reason voice mails died out ye know!

Talking it out
We know it’s not good to leave things unsaid – but it is SO much easier! Everyone loves to talk things out these days, to “get it all out there”, but we can’t help but yearn for the days of brushing stuff under the carpet. Life was so much simpler back then.