Who has been showing off their pregnant belly?


By the looks of it, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis are about to be grandparents. Tallulah Willis has been posting snaps of her pregnant belly on Instagram. She captioned the photo: “excited to meet my new little friend #happy #newlife #newbeginnings #babyonboard #blessed”

Last week she posted this photo, with the caption: #20wks “#bumpwatch #CatsOuttaTheBag #blessed”

However, she’s known to be a bit of a joker and her Instagram followers aren’t really believing her. Perhaps because of all the coffee she’s instagrammed herself drinking (a no-no for pregnant ladies) or it could be because of the tattoo she got last month on her ribcage (would you do that if you were 20 weeks or so pregnant?).

Hmmm, we think Demi and Bruce will have to wait a while for a grandchild yet!