Which X Factor singer started her own food fight?


X Factor winner, Sam Bailey was so delighted that she had topped the UK charts that she decided to celebrate, with a food fight.

The mother-of-two was performing at the London club G-A-Y where she was presented on stage with a cake to congratulate her album The Power of Love, reaching no.1 in the charts.

But instead of digging into the massive cake, the X Factor winner decided to instead have a massive cake fight backstage.

The 36-year-old singer was completely covered in cake after the fight but didn’t seem to mind as she tweeted later how much she enjoyed it.

“My first and ever Cake fight!!!! Loved it so muchxx.”

And as if being No.1 wasn’t enough, Sam learnt that night that supermodel, Naomi Campbell was a fan of her music.

Naomi made a surprise visit on stage to congratulate the singer’s success but this was before the cake fight, took place of course.

sam bailey