Which Saturdays’ singer isn’t a fan of the selfie craze?


Frankie Sandford from The Saturdays has admitted that she finds the selfie craze, a little strange.

The singer who was appearing along with her band mates on This Morning, was questioned what she thought of celebrities posting pictures of themselves on Twitter.

“I don’t enjoy the selfie. I think it’s funny that it’s become so acceptable to take pictures of yourself.”

The topic came up after the show decided to research which Saturday singer posted the most selfies.

It turned out Una Foden has the most selfies out of all of The Saturdays. But Frankie joked that if they all looked liked Una, they would be taking selfies the whole time too.

Whilst appearing on the show the band confirmed that they are not splitting up and insisted that their greatest hits album was just to mark their 17th single.

Mollie King from The Saturdays said: “Everyone is asking us, aren’t they, but it’s totally not the end.”