What you should know before travelling with friends


There is nothing quite like a trip around the world with your BFF; however before you go, here are a few things you may want to consider before you board the plane.

Choose your companion wisely
While she may be your BFF at home does that mean you will be able to stand her day in day out for months at a time? If your answer no, maybe you should reconsider your choice of friend.

Plan what you want to do together
What you consider to be the ultimate trip may be your friend’s idea of horror. Make sure everyone knows where they stand, if one fancies climbing mountains while the other plans on lying about in the sun you may need to compromise.

You will end up fighting
Spending everyday with someone is bound to end in a few squabbles, just don’t let them escalade. If you need time out from each other go exploring on your own – make sure you know where each other is though before you wander down strange alleyways.

Pick up a few strays along the way
Make a few friends with fellow travellers or locals. Not only will you be introduced to areas that you never thought of visiting if will also give you and your mate a break from staring at each other across the dinner table.