What not to say to someone in a new relationship


While we can’t imagine life without our girls, many of our friends can get a little overexcited upon discovering that you’ve finally got a new man in your life. Here are some of the things that we probably don’t need to hear, but do anyway:

Oh My God! That’s great! Good for you!
A common reaction and while it’s a good sign that your friends are happy for you, they probably don’t need to shout their reaction from the roof tops either.

Is it serious?!
Your friends suddenly need to know everything – from where you are right now in the relationship to your future plans. Even if you say you’re just seeing how things go for now, they still need to know something about your current relationship status.

Will it get serious?
Again its early days and you don’t need to start planning for the future just yet.

You looked up his ex?
We all do a bit of Facebook creeping, but it’s never good idea to over think every his past relationships with your friends. Some things are best left in the past or just as a conversation between you and your boyfriend.

Why haven’t I met him yet?
The question all girls will ask and often the most difficult to answer. Meeting each other’s friends is a big deal and while your friends may want to meet him as soon as possible – this is probably something that should be only done, when both you and your boyfriend are ready.