What is colour blocking and is it right for your home?


I have become utterly obsessed with DIY home projects during lockdown. Not actually doing them myself, God no. Instead, I wistfully watch reels of people who are far handier with a hammer than I am, transforming their space from drab to utterly fab. Like seriously, these people are wizards and all I can think is, when did I miss the whole how to use a hammer and nails lesson? Where was I during that tutorial?

Anyway, it seems like the whole world has gone crafty and while I lack the skills to join in, I can advise you on some of the most stunning trends emerging in the DIY world right now, in case you're feeling inspired. 

I think my favourite one that I'm seeing a lot of at the moment is colour blocking, because it's super accessible, cheap and can really transform a room with very little effort. Like even I could do it. Dulux defines colour blocking as…

'A bold style of colour scheming that adds instant wow-factor to your space. Not only is it a great way to play with paint, but it allows you to express your style through your colour choices. Combining two coordinating shades to create a colour block wall can make your room feel timeless and chic, or cool and contemporary depending on the direction you want to go.'

It might look tricky, but the right materials, this can a really simple way to spice up either your home office, your living room or even your bedroom. Dulux advises that you have:

  • Dust sheets for covering your fixtures and furniture
  • Pencil and a tape measure
  • Masking tape
  • Stirring stick
  • Roller and tray  
  • 2 roller heads
  • 1” paintbrush

Use the sheets to avoid any spills on furniture or carpets – we don't want a random splodge of bright pink in the middle of our cream carpet!

The pencil and tape measure are to block out the sections that you want to fill with paint, so you can work out what shapes, colours and sizes you want to play with to create dimension and space in the room. Place the masking tape along the lines that you've drawn to demarcate those areas and to prevent any paint overflow. 

Using your roller or paintbrush, paint the desired areas in your colour choices, using a new or clean roller and brush for each one. Wait for the paint to dry before carefully peeling the masking tape from the wall to avoid stripping off existing paint.

And viola! You've totally transformed your space!

Check out Jessica's Home Style's quick video tutorial below to see how it's really done and the stunning, eye-catching effect it can have on a room.

We've taken the liberty of dropping some of our favourite colour blocks below for inspiration or just straight up copying – we won't judge. We're dying to try out number three for ourselves.


Want to switch things up but don't want a) too much work or b) anything too drastic and irreversible? The Kentdale's home renovation included this striking but simple feature on the wall that really highlights the artwork they've selected. The colour scheme is a step above the neutral colours against plain backgrounds and adds a fun pop of colour without it overwhelming the rest of the colour scheme. Small, understated and interesting to look at, it's the perfect no-fuss upgrade. 



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This is one of our favourites that we've come across and definitely one that we'll be looking into trying ourselves. Carly's home is full of these neutral tans and cream colours that contrasts well against the starkness of the black accents. This kind of colour scheme is becoming increasingly popular and always looks super minimal and chic. We love the two-tone look, with the two different shades of the same colour playing off of one another to create a feature that catches the eye. A little more ambitious than the previous post, but still pared back because of the calming colours. 


This page has been dedicated to renovating an old 1800s home and there are lots of modern accents dotted throughout the house that offset the beautiful old fashioned styling. One such accent is this stunning feature wall of colour blocking behind the shelving she's just installed. This is definitely a bolder look and one that would need the input of some colour specialist, but this look got it exactly right. The colours work alongside each other, contrasting but not clashing and warm cream tone balances everything out. The cute and quirky prints alongside it could have looked cluttered but instead their textured frames add a jauntiness that is fun and stylish. 


Emily's home is a study in greenery and she creates an incredible space full of personality, decor and most of all plants! This house is fairly monochrome and it could be easy for areas like this to get lost among all the greenery. However, the stunning colourblocking actually creates little sectioned off areas, giving each one its moment to shine, highlighting the best parts of the room and making them show-stopping pieces.