We can’t get over this news about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West


Being one of the worlds most famous couples and worth $155 million, we don't know about you but we would make the most of it. 

However, Kim and Kanye had other ideas while flying to Armenia. The couple were spotted flying ECONOMY. Yes, you did hear that correctly. 

We would say it was a pretty average flight for the person who took the photo, casually taking pictures of Kimye as they slept.

Kanye was wearing a casual black hoody with his hood up, while Kim was curled up asleep under a blanket beside the window. 

At least we think it was Kimye, unless it's a couple who resemble them… a lot.

The family flew to Armenia a few weeks back to celebrate the Kardashian's ancestry along with Kim's sister Khloé, before travelling to Jerusalem to have North West baptised

We have to admit, we think we love the couple even more after this…perhaps they can be just like us regular folk after all?