We can’t believe what Calvin Harris has banned Taylor from doing!


Calvin Harris might be the object of Taylor Swift's desires at the moment, but he's well aware things could go downhill at any time.

The Scottish DJ seems keen not to go through another messy break-up after his public battles with Rita Ora last year over music he had produced for her, and so he's taking extra precautions with Taylor.

Calvin has reportedly banned T-Swift from writing any songs about him, for fear she will "demean" herself.

Herself… or him?

The new couple's relationship was confirmed late last month when they were spotted holding hands in public, and last week Calvin decided it was time to have a serious chat with his new girlfriend.

"It was the white elephant in the room, but it's been on his mind, so he confronted her about it last week, telling her he doesn't want her to do that to him," a source said.

Taylor is well known for venting about her relationship issues through her music, and made no secret of the fact that numerous songs on her 2014 album, 1989, were inspired by her ill-fated romance with One Direction's Harry Styles.

Calvin "doesn't want to join the ranks of Swift refugee boyfriends who've been humiliated by one of her revenge songs.," said the source. 

Despite his reluctance to be the subject of Taylor's music, Calvin is apparently still very keen to collaborate with her on a joint project. "Calvin doesn't just want to date Taylor… [he] thinks they could produce a number of big hits together, and he's always been a big fan of Taylor's work… it would be a dream for their record labels if they teamed up," said the source.

Whatever the outcome, we hope Taylor is standing up for herself!