We cannot believe this singer is back with THAT ex!


Rumour has it that Rihana is back together with her ex-boyfriend, Drake!

Despite reports that the pair were no longer an item and that Drake had actually publicly dissed his former girl, evidence of late seems to tell a different story.

Everyone’s favourite bad girl was seen hanging out at a recent Drake concert, dancing along to his tunes and having a great time by all accounts. Just look at her there, having the time of her life:

Not only this, but the two were also seen hanging out after the concert, partying like the good ol’ days.

She has obviously forgiven him for that time he basically called her a devil.

On top of all of that hard evidence, this wasn't even the first time the two had hung out this week – it was the second! We think that's basically official. 

Hmm, we’re not so sure they are right for each other, but at least he’s better than Chris Brown…!