We all miss family, but unnecessary visits give Covid-19 power

Not being able to see our loved ones is something we’re all struggling with, but it is a sacrifice we must make. Missing out on your weekly coffee with your cousin, Sunday brunch with your best friends and your monthly wine night with your sister is necessary. 

We are all missing our family and friends more than ever before, but we know that the sacrifices we’re making are for the greater good. We are doing this to protect the vulnerable, to help frontline staff and to stop the spread of the virus.

All we have to do is stay at home.

Minister for Health Simon Harris stressed the danger of meeting a friend or relative during an interview on The Pat Kenny Show this morning.

Catching up over a cup of coffee may seem harmless to you, but doing so will give Covid-19 more power, putting even more lives at risk.

“If you decide to continue to leave your home unnecessarily, then you are risking spreading this virus.

“If you’re leaving your house today to make an unnecessary visit to a friend or family member, you’re at much greater risk of spreading that virus than anybody else arriving in our country.

“If you’re deciding to pop into a neighbour for a cup of coffee… human things that we all like to do… you’re spreading that virus,” he stressed.

We are all missing the little things like a cup of tea at nanny’s house or a trip to the cinema with your other half, but these menial sacrifices will be worth it when we move past this horrid chapter, knowing that we did everything we could to stop the spread of Covid-19.