‘A watershed moment’ Oprah Winfrey on Harvey Weinstein

Oprah Winfrey has given her opinion on the Harvey Weinstein case, which has exposed the dark side of sexism and sexual assault in Hollywood in recent weeks.

An expose by New York Times revealed decades of harassment, rape and inappropriate behavior from one of Tinsel Town's most powerful players – and more women are coming forward every day. 

Ophrah told CBS This Morning that she felt that the scandal was a 'moment' for women, speaking out. 


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'I think this is a moment, where no matter what business you work in, the women who not only had the disease to please, that’s a part of it, but who felt that in order to keep my job, to keep my position, in order to keep moving forward…I’ve got to smile,' she told This Morning. 

'I’ve gotta look the other way. I’ve gotta pretend he didn’t say that. He didn’t touch me.'

'Those days are about to be over,' she continued, according to the Hollywood Reporter.  

'I’m always trying to look for the rainbow in the cloud, whatever is the silver lining,' said the TV mogul. 

'And this is what I do know for sure: Something this major happens, when you have the fallout, 50 women coming forward, that it’s a watershed moment.'