WATCH: This Taylor Swift lip-sync video has a very unexpected twist

Well, we didn't see that one coming. 

The great women of Skit Box, an all-girl comedy group, have partnered up with viral lip-sync stars SketchShe for a parody video – but be warned, it has a very morbid twist. 

It begins with the three women rocking out to Taylor Swift's hit song Bad Blood in a car, with a very co-ordinated lip-sync routine. 

But then things get dark (like scary dark) when their car crashes. The message "don't lip-sync and drive" then flashes on the screen. 

The graphic video has already racked up over 1.4m Facebook views. 

Now, we all know the ladies of SketchShe are typically parked in the park when perform their videos, however, this sketch is just one of the growing number of videos taken behind the wheel and it's a message that drives home the need to ALWAYS concentrate while driving. 

It's a bold move by SketchShe to kill off all their characters in a comedy sketch, but they certainly got their point across.