Watch: The trailer for the Late Late Toy Show is a tearjerker


It's nearly time for the family viewing experience of the year, the moment we've all been waiting for… The Late Late Toy Show

With just two weeks to go, RTÉ have released a special trailer for the big event, and it will melt you heart.

Check out the video below;

There's no doubting that The Late Late Toy Show brings joy to the family, wherever in the world they might be. As host, Ryan Tubridy puts it, "It has been a very strange year, and that's why this Christmas is so important. It's also why this year's Late Late Toy Show is possibly the most important of all time."  

"We're going to be singing, we're going to be dancing, we're going to be playing with toys, and we're going to be having lots and lots and lots and lots of fun. We need you to gather together and join us, and let's make Christmas, Christmas!"

The Late Late Toy Show trailer tells the story of a young girl called Eva (Hannah Galvin) who, like everyone, is stuck at home. Eva is missing her friends, friends she usually gets into her pjs with to watch the show. Her concerned brother Rob (Darragh Shannon), goes above and beyond on the family farm to ensure Eva and her friends can be together to experience the magic of The Late Late Toy Show, just like every other year.

As Eva, Rob and her friends watch on from their cars, Ryan appears on the barn wall and tells them: "Never before have we needed a Christmas quite like this one, we are going to make this year's Late Late Toy Show the biggest, the best, the brightest. So, put your feet up, get the popcorn out, sit back and enjoy, the party starts here."

Oh that we'll do Ryan, that we'll do.

The Late Late Toy Show airs on Friday, November 27 at 9:35pm.