Watch: The John Lewis 2020 Christmas advert is finally here

Brace yourselves! The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived — the John Lewis 2020 Christmas advert is here.

You can check out the advert below;

For the past few years, the long awaited John Lewis Christmas advert has well and truly stolen our hearts, and this time it’s no different.

Tugging at our heart-strings, this festive advert, titled Give A Little,  embraces the idea of receiving and paying forward little acts of kindness.

The ad starts with a little boy whose football is stuck up in a tree. A little girl then comes along and helps him get it out. The boy pays this forward by then helping a melting snowman, who in turn helps a couple with a flat tyre.

Moving into different styles of animation with each different character, the couple then drop off a bag of groceries to an isolated family, who then go on to cheer up a lonely neighbour. 

Getting into the true spirit of Christmas, this idea of everyone coming together and helping each other out really captures the year we’ve all had, as we’ve struggled to battle this pandemic.

Having this festive advert playing on our screens over the Christmas period is going to be an absolute pleasure.