Want to lose weight? Don’t plan any meals out!

A new study by the journal Public Health Nutrition has revealed that people consume up to 200 extra calories when they eat out instead of eating at home.

The study looked at the habits of 12,000 people aged 20 to 64, and found that the days they chose to eat at a fast food restaurant, they consumed an extra 194.49 calories, saturated fat by 3.48 grams, sugar by 3.95 grams and salt by 296.38 mgs.

Going somewhere a bit fancier wasn’t any better either, in fact it was worse! People who dined at a table service restaurant consumed an extra 205.21 calories, and with higher intake of saturated fat by 2.52 grams and salt by 451.06 mgs.

Well, there go our dinner plans!